Committed to cultivating and providing the highest quality biological technique service 




Jubilant Flame International provides the best biotechnological product technique service for our customers targeting on health, beauty care and comfort. We study the impact of advanced biotechnology on the progress of life, bring revolutionary changes to the future of human health, beauty care, health and food. Our global research, particularly the world's premier biology research institutes in Asia and North America continue to create amazing achievements. We are creating a number of  cosmetics and health food brands and is affecting the world's health and life styles.
















Biotechnology Leads to Perfect Life


Our technology team is providing technology support to customers in north America, Asia countries. We are not only committed to the natural products, but also through our food research, we study how to improve the food to provide health with infinite possibilities.We will try our best to balance the taste and nutrition.









  • Seabuckthorn


  • Organic Sprouting


  • Health Food